Rena Ramirez


As the Founder of Provocateur Media (Pro Media), a San Francisco-based public relations agency, Rena Ramirez is a reputable PR professional with both startup and full-service agency experience. She is known for her avid relationship marketing, razor-sharp intellect of what drives consumer trends, insatiable love for media, and natural ability to land the story. She brings nearly 10 consecutive years of public relations experience to the table.

Prior to founding her own firm, she previously worked for some of San Francisco’s leading public relations agencies including lifestyle boutique agency, Arieff Communications, representing consumer brands in fashion and beauty, home, and also for Wagstaff Worldwide, a hospitality PR firm representing award-winning chefs, wine + spirit brands and also travel destinations.

To date has publicized and managed countless launch events, attained media exposure for annual galas and fundraisers, as well as spearheaded long-lead media campaigns for various consumer products, authors/TV personalities and also entire media entities. She has consulted on behalf of Sunset magazine (Time Inc.), premiere guide to “Life in the West” and also for celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s NapaStyle. She thrives on the challenge of turning an undiscovered product, person or idea into a household name.